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Arrested for possessing or using a firearm? Taylor Law Office is here to protect your Second Amendment rights. Contact our attorney right now for defense.

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Don't let a drug charge leave a permanent mark on your future. Taylor Law Office can assist with drug possession and trafficking charges. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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Your charges should not be taken lightly. You should act fast to begin work on a plan of defense. Call Taylor Law Office right now to speak with a criminal lawyer in Evansville.

Choose a Lawyer Who Will Ardently Fight for Your Rights

Contact Taylor Law Office for criminal defense in Evansville, Indiana

Have you been arrested for a crime? Now's not the time to back down. You need to hire the right criminal attorney for your case. For any type of misdemeanor or criminal case, choose Taylor Law Office of Evansville, Indiana. Our attorney has been practicing law for 20+ years. Attorney Taylor puts a focus on offering firearm and drug crime defense in Evansville, Indiana.

Call 812-434-6744 for more information.

Work with an attorney who cares about you and your situation

Dawnya Taylor opened her solo private practice in 2004. She runs a general criminal defense practice with a focus on major felonies, firearm crimes and drug crimes. She is committed to helping Evansville residents through treacherous times like these. When you choose Attorney Taylor as your misdemeanor or felony defense attorney in Evansville, IN, you'll have someone who is:

  • Committed to treating clients with respect and fairness
  • Passionate about your case and isn't afraid to go to trial
  • Able to see past your charges and get to know you as a person

Your case won't be a file on a desk at Taylor Law Office. You'll get compassionate assistance from an attorney who cares about your future and your well-being. Contact Taylor Law Office as soon as possible for criminal defense.

Walk into the courtroom prepared - contact Taylor Law Office today.

Dawnya Taylor will use her experience and boundless knowledge of criminal law to provide you with exceptional representation and honest legal advice. Don't go into the courtroom without the right defense plan - contact Taylor Law Office to speak with a criminal attorney in Evansville, IN today.

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